The Final Challenges - Crucible Trials Guide - God of War Ragnarok Guide - IGN (2023)

The Final Challenges is the continuation of an optional Side Quest Favor unlocked after completing the first round of Crucible Challenges in the fiery realm of Muspelheim. Like the previous God of War Game, Surtr has placed a variety of combat trials to test your might, but the parameters are now very different than what you may be used to. This guide includes information on how to unlock the final set of 6 challenges using Runes, and how to unlock Surtr's Armor, and all other associated rewards.


After completing the first six Crucible Challenges in each of the Rune Chambers, you'll unlock a new format for taking on the final challenges. A large sword altar will now appear in the large central arena of the Crucible, but it will be locked to you. You may also notice blue flames now link it to each of the smaller challenges you were in for the previous challenges.

Returning to the smaller challenge rooms, you'll find a new trial in each room (as well as the other two that can be replayed at any point): The Rampage Trial in the F Rune Room, the Health Steal Trial in the N Rune Room, and the Kill Fuse Trial in the R Rune Room. You don't necessarily need to complete these new challenges to unlock the final 6 main challenges, but you may find them easier than others.

Now, if you clear a Crucible Trial in one of the smaller rooms, it will lock after leaving, and the Rune will appear on the large sword back in the main arena. After completing two trials from any of the three rooms, all the doors will lock, and the large sword will unlock, prompting a new final challenge. The challenge you will face will be dependent on the Rune order - the order you completed the two smaller challenges in. See the list below for all the combinations, and click a link to get more tips and strategies for one of the Final Crucible Challenges.

First Rune Second Rune Final Challenge Trial
FNEndurance Challenge
FRShield Breaker Challenge
NROnslaught Challenge
NFRing of Fire Challenge
RFPhantom Challenge
RNBoss Rush Challenge

Note that if you no longer wish to attempt the Final Challenge you have selected with the two runes, you can hold Triangle to reset the Final Challenge and pick two new runes.

It does not matter which order you complete the final challenges in - the first trial will always reward the same items, regardless of which challenge you complete, and so forth. In addition, each smaller challenge room you complete to combine Runes will also always give similar rewards, including 250 Divine Ashes, and either 1 Smoldering Embers, Blazing Embers, or Glowing Embers.

Challenge # Completed Rewards
First Challenge CompletedSurtr's Scorched Cuirass
Blazing Embers x1
Smoldering Embers x3
Glowing Embers x1
Divine Ashes x2,000
1,000 Kratos XP, 1,000 Companion XP
40,000 Hacksilver
Second Challenge CompletedMuspelheim's Force Enchantment
Blazing Embers x2
Smoldering Embers x3
Glowing Embers x1
Divine Ashes x2,000
1,000 Kratos XP, 1,000 Companion XP
40,000 Hacksilver
Third Challenge CompletedSurtr's Scorched Arm
Blazing Embers x1
Smoldering Embers x2
Glowing Embers x3
Divine Ashes x2,00
1,000 Kratos XP, 1,000 Companion XP
40,000 Hacksilver
Fourth Challenge CompletedSurtr's Scorched Girdle
Blazing Embers x3
Smoldering Embers x1
Glowing Embers x2
Divine Ashes x2,000
1,000 Kratos XP, 1,000 Companion XP
40,000 Hacksilver
Fifth Challenge CompletedMuspelheim's Endurance Enchantment
Blazing Embers x2
Smoldering Embers x1
Glowing Embers x3
Divine Ashes x2,000
1,000 Kratos XP, 1,000 Companion XP
40,000 Hacksilver
Sixth Challenge CompletedMuspelheim's Essence Enchantment
Blazing Embers x3,
Smoldering Embers x2
Glowing Embers x1
Divine Ashes x2,000
1,000 Kratos XP, 1,000 Companion XP
200,000 Hacksilver
  • Objective: Defeat 99 Enemies
  • Recommended Level: 7-8

For this trial, you'll need to outlast an overwhelming torrent of enemies that are matched in their variety only by their relentless viciousness. Since a few enemies you'll face during this 99 man royal rumble are at up to level 8 in power, we recommend you be at least level 7 before taking on this trial.

Since endurance and survival is key, we also recommend investing in some defensive gear for your loadout if you're having trouble, like the Raven's Tears Armor to get you some Healing Mist, the Giptumadr's Armor to drop more Health Stones, or the Nidavellir Armor to get health back from stun grabs. You can compliment this with Enchantments like the heath-regen ones from defeating Drakes in the Vanaheim Crater (if you have high Vitality), or the Stone Idol of Souls from defeating Slumbering Trolls (if you have Luck instead). In addition, be sure to equip some Runic Attacks with wide-reaching area of effect damage, as you'll be taking on many opponents from all sides.


When the challenge begins, you'll first have to face off against a horde of Raiders - four regular and two Hel-Raiders with ice shields - followed soon after by a Raider Chief. Given that the Hel-Raiders attack a lot more aggressively, you'll want to swap to your Blades of Chaos and try to stagger the whole group with sweeping attacks and mop them up with a Runic Attack to keep the Chief in line when he appears.

Try to keep them pressured and grouped up against the wall where you can whittle them down quick, as it won't be long before three Wisps appear from the opposite end of the arena, but you'll have a bit of time to clear the Raiders first. After the Wisps appear, they'll be joined on the far side by a group of Raider Scouts and more Wisps. Use your forward evasive movement attacks like Spinning Embers to close the distance on them before they can start peppering you with projectiles to keep you off-balance. Pay special attention to any of the Kol Raider variants that tend to light themselves and the ground on fire, and avoid getting close if you can help it - deflecting or tossing projectiles instead.

Once the first wave of 21 are cleared, the next will soon begin - which can be a bit of a headache. You'll have to take on a combination of icy Brood enemies that will leap at you, and the more cautious Light Elf Warriors that can strike with little warning. Since the elves approach more cautiously, try to lure the Brood to outpace the others and mow them down with sweeping attacks from your blades, then swap to your other weapons to stagger the elves with Runic Attacks so they can't overpower you. Runic Attacks can also help pierce their annoying guard, letting you cleave through them fast before more Brood show up.

The Light Elves will soon be joined by a few Dark Elves, and more Brood of course, which may mean swapping to other weapons to change up your tactics. Don't forget to utilize your companion to stun the Dark Elves as they fly about, and then follow up with strong attacks before they can get away or shoot blinding magic at you. Be sure to keep an eye out around the 35 kill mark, as a few Light Elf Mystics will show up to start lobbing projectiles and frozen orbs at you, which can be a pain to deal with if distracted - seek them out and prioritize them first.

Once you've passed 40 kills, new foes will appear in the form of an army of Draugr. Swap to your Leviathan Axe to deal some extra frozen damage, and don't forget to use big area of effect Runic Attacks if they start to press you on all sides. Use up your axe's moves quickly, as it won't be long before a Frost Gradungr shows up to make things difficult.

Immediately hit the beast with all manner of Blades of Spear Runic Attacks to pile on damage fast, and if you have any gear to trigger Realm Shifts - use it to deal as much damage as possible, otherwise you'll have to spend a lot of time dealing with its erratic movements and frost attacks everywhere. Don't be afraid to back off and hit it with projectiles if you need to get out of danger at low health - you've still got a long way to go.

Once you reach 55 kills, an Ogre will show up, but this can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. Start tossing Spears at it from range to build up its stun meter early, then unleash Sonic Arrows and your most stunning runic attacks to quickly stagger the beast. Stun grabbing it will allow you to ride it along, and you can then turn your attention on quickly smashing some intruding Grim to pieces , before finishing off the Ogre. If you play your cards right, you'll only have a few melee Grim left to contend with after killing the Ogre - just be sure to play defensive and avoid getting boxed in.

They'll be joined by Wretches soon, which means you'll need to quickly advanced on them with spinning attacks to catch any in range. Not long after, he ranged Cursed Grim will show up on the opposite side - and it's worth making sure you have one eye at the other end of the arena to quickly close the distance on them to cut them to pieces before they can start spitting at you.


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For the last stretch at 80 enemies killed, you'll have to contend with large annoying groups of Aesir - many melee attackers to start, and flanked by archers near the end. This is a great time to use your Relic, Realm Shift powers, or spare Runic Attacks and Summons to cause some havoc, as they can easily overwhelm you if you don't start staggering them first.

Save a few wide reaching Runic Attacks for the last 10, as a few Brood will join the fray, and a Einherjar Tamer will appear last with a shield - so burn her down with everything you have left to complete the challenge!

  • Objective: Defeat grunts to temporarily lower the Elite's invulnerable shielding
  • Recommended Level: 7-8

This deceptive trial will pit you against very annoying elite mini-bosses who have an invulnerability shield - one that you can only lower by defeating the other smaller enemies in the arena first.

Your best bet is to stick with your preferred gear and armor for this one, and you'll likely want a good mix of offense and defense. Gear that uses Realm Shift will be extremely helpful here like the Armor of Radiance and Attachments of the Nine Realms from the Berserker fights - as you'll often be dodging away from the invincible mini-boss, and having more time to get away and burn down the others can help a ton. Having the Remedy of the Bifrost Enchantment may also help if you find the mini-boss covering you with the stuff way too often.

When the trial begins, you'll be facing an armored Einherjar Captain who cannot be damaged so long as he's surrounded by his purple shield. Removing it means removing the other enemies in the room - 2 Seidr and 2 Nightmares to be exact.

Quickly sprint up and yank the Nightmares with your Blades of Chaos. So long as you hook onto them before anyone attacks, you'll be invulnerable during the animation of throwing them - plus you can toss them at the Seidr to quickly get rid of the excess enemies.

Be warned when focusing on the remaining Seidr - the Einherjar Captain doesn't like to be ignored, and will often teleport around the arena to blindside you when you least expect. Because of this, you should avoid getting into long combo attacks that are hard to get out of if he suddenly appears between you and the Seidr, which will require some quick dodging.

Once the others are dead, immediately focus on burning down the captain with all of your Runic Attacks, chaining them together to keep him stunned as much as possible, as you don't want him raining down bifrost on you or spinning his mace around multiple times, which will require expert parrying or dodging. Keep piling on the damage until he's just over 2 bars of health left. Once you spot the counter reset to 0/4, you'll know he's invulnerable again, and you need to clear out a new wave.


This new group consists of 2 Gulon beasts flanked by 2 Dark Elves, which can be annoying to pin down. If you have Realm Shift abilities, use them to try pinning down your new foes, or use your companion to harass them with arrows. Try to dodge around to keep the captain in view whenever possible, as you'll get a better heads up when he tries to teleport in close.

Fight defensively and keep putting distance away from the captain whenever possible - using projectiles against the Dark Elves if they don't want to leave the elite behind. The last thing you want to do is get caught in between all of them, and there's no time limit to worry about harassing them from afar.

Once the new group is down, return your attention to the Einherjar Captain and focus him down with any Runic Attacks available, backing off when you see him summon Bifrost or go into a spinning session.

Be very careful here, as the fight isn't over just yet - as soon as the captain gets to his last health bar, a new mini-boss will appear: A Stalker. Things will get really ugly, and for more than one reason - the Stalker is also invulnerable from harm until three Dragur who appear shortly after are defeated.

The thing you aren't told is that despite the reinforcements, the Einherjar Captain's shield will not replenish itself, meaning you are free to continue pressing the assault on the mini-boss as much as you can (and you should) while the Stalker draws close. Don't leave yourself totally open, but try to burn down the captain as quickly as possible to deal with one less threat, as the Stalker can really be a handful.

Where the Einherjar Captain was a nuisance for inserting himself into the fray by teleporting in at close range, the Stalker will continually pester you from afar with a mix of explosive and unblockable arrow volleys. For this reason you never want to let her out of your sight, as you'll need to keep an eye on her to know if her next attack can be dodged, if its a spread that requires dodging to the side or backwards, and if her standard shots are incoming that can be parried into the Draugr.

Note that while you can't hurt the Stalker while dealing with the other enemies, you can stun her! Watch for her horns to glow - and if you are able, toss a quick projectile at her head to stagger her to the ground for a few moments. You won't be able to deal and real damage yet, but you can at least quickly focus on the Draugr before she gets back up.

When you've taken out the first wave, engage cautiously, as she loves to fire retreating arrows, grab you with an unblockable whip, and even kick you with her hind legs if you attack from behind. Never get too aggressive when pressing the attack, and watch for her retreat to know how to escape and engage her once more.

At half health, she'll get one last reinforcement: 3 Einherjar Warriors. Watch out for their Bifrost, and try deflecting her projectiles at them if the shots she fires aren't unblockable. It will be a frustrating fight, but keeping her in view whenever possible will lessen some of the burden. Once you clean up the last reinforcements, resume your attack and try to keep her staggered with chaining Runic Attacks to bring her down and win the challenge.


  • Objective: Survive for 300 seconds in a Ring of Fire
  • Recommended Level: 8

One of the hardest of the Final Challenges, this trial is an intense survival mission, requiring you to last for 5 whole minutes against relentless enemies all while trapped in a limited space. You may have to attempt this trial several times to figure out what strategies work, and which armor and gear suit you best. Similar to the Endurance Challenge, you may want to invest in defensive gear to help survive as long as you can. We recommend using the Raven's Tear Armor to trigger Healing Mist, Nidavellir Armor's health regen on stun grabs, or the Steinbjorn Armor gained from defeating the slumbering trolls.

Given your limited movement inside the ring surrounded by terrain that will light you on fire, you may also want to invest in gear that bolsters your ranged abilities with the Draupnir Spear and Leviathan Axe, as many enemies will try to harass you from afar outside the ring.

This fight will be very tough, as enemies will continually spawn regardless of how fast you kill them - though defeating waves quickly will often spare you of getting overwhelmed too fast. You'll need to constantly be alerts from attacks on all sides, as enemies will continually spawn on opposite sides - especially ranged attackers.

The fight will begin with several Dark Elves coming in on one side, and as they tend to float around cautiously, take the time to throw projectiles at them with your spear or axe as they draw closer. Don't get too comfortable, as the somewhat ranged Dark Elf fighters will be joined by charging Brood coming from several avenues to leap at you, so be prepared to swap to your Blades of Chaos to sweep them up, and press the assault against any Dark Elves who cross into the ring (or Hyperion Grapple them to you).

More Brood and Dark Elves will steadily appear for the next 50 seconds, before a few Seidr Shadows will spawn around the edges of the ring to hurl poison at you from each corner. These can be extremely lethal if you aren't paying attention, so be sure to constantly move your positioning and camera around to spot new additions and either take them out with precision throws, or run over to Hyperion Grapple them to you for a quick kill.

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Once you've reached about 200 seconds left, turn your attention to the large open cliffside in the southwest corner of the arena, where an Ogre will appear. It will take some time for him to shamble over to the ring, so don't waste any time taking pot shots at him with your spear so you can detonate them all at once when he gets close.

As with the other ring of fire challenge, stunning him will be very important to helping you out for two main reasons: Any time spent riding him around is time you can run down the clock impervious to damage and destroying anything nearby. Secondly, it will be beneficial to kite the Ogre around until you've hit about 145 seconds left before trying to stun him again - as a Wyvern will show up.

As you can imagine, having to deal with a Wyvern spewing bifrost and charging at you in the midst of everything else can be way too much to handle, so being able to make use of riding the Ogre to beat the crap out of the Wyvern for you can be extremely helpful to at least severely wound it. If not, you'll have to focus most of your attention on the beast to parry its charge and then quickly burn it down with Runic Attacks.

At around 120 seconds left, be prepared to deal with a host of angry Raiders if you weren't able to destroy them via the Ogre, as more Seidr throw poison at you from the edges of the arena.

Once you reach around 85 seconds, the last big hurdle of this challenge will show itself in the form of swarms of Einherjar Warriors who will jump into the arena along with... another Wyvern. As with before, you'll want to keep eyes on the Wyvern to parry its incoming grab, but also look at the attack indicators for Aesir archers trying to target you from the other far side of the arena. This can be a tough act to survive, and you'll want to make use of your Relic to disrupt attackers or trigger Realm Shift to help make it through.


Remember that you can briefly step outside the ring to engage in Stun Grab finishers or in a pinch, even go for a Health Stone, but try not to unless you really need to, or have the Elemental Evasion Enchantment that lets you dodge roll the burn away.

The last minute will essentially come down to finishing off the Wyvern, while keeping both Einherjar and charging Brood at bay. Don't bother going after ranged attackers unless they step into range, and just focus on parrying incoming projectiles or dodging them entirely while you focus on the more present threats.

Once you get down to the last seconds, play it safe and evade the remaining attackers until time runs out, and the challenge is finally complete.

  • Objective: Defeat 15 enemies while staying inside the moving ring
  • Recommended Level: 7-8

This trial is a tricky one - your movement will be severely limited by a ring in the center of the arena. Outside of this ring, you'll take constant fire damage the longer you stay outside, and to make matters worse, the ring will move around the larger arena over the course of the battle.

Given the nature of this trial, you'll still want to stick with your best armor that you've upgraded and feel most comfortable with - both offense and defense are useful here, but some abilities will shine more than others. Keep in mind that many enemies may die and drop health stones outside the ring, limiting your ability to heal from them. Since your movement is so limited, you may also want to invest in gear that enhances your ranged attacks, and upgrade the Draupnir Spear as much as you can. You may also want to avoid taking Runic Attacks with a long animation time, as speed will be the key to this fight.

When the battle begins, take note of the Seidr Pole belching green smoke off to the right. You won't need to worry about it now, but expect the ring to eventually move over there, and you'll need to deal with it one way or another.

You only need to defeat 15 enemies, but they'll be pretty spread out, and many may choose to lurk outside the ring, starting with two Draugr. Try to focus fire them with stunning attacks and Sonic Arrows to clear them out as quick as you can, as a Wolvar will soon be joining you from the other side with two more Draugrs.

Once the Wolvar crosses over, rush into it with a mix of Runic attacks to try focus its health down - but if it gets stunned, don't grab it just yet, and start whacking it instead. This is because the ring will soon move east at a fairly fast pace towards one edge of the arena, and you don't want to get caught outside the ring for long.

Note that you can safely stand on the outskirts of the ring while stun grabbing an enemy to finish them off - but once the animation is complete, you'll start taking fire damage, so only do so when you know you can get back inside quickly!

When the ring begins moving, disengage from any enemies that get left behind and focus your attack on any Draugr still in the ring. Once they are dealt with, hit the Wolvar with ranged attacks until it re-enters and finish it off. The ring should stay in the northeast corner for a little bit, before swiveling down to the northwest.


By this point, more Draugr will likely be spawning in from the far east side, and you'll have to either wait for them to come to you, or keep attacking at range with projectiles while staying mobile to keep with the moving ring. Once you start getting close to the south side, be sure to pivot and toss your axe at the Seidr Pole, and have your companion hit it with a Sigil Arrow so you can keep it frozen while taking your axe back.

If the Draugr are clumping up outside the ring, try using distant Runic Attacks with large area of effect blasts like Artillery of the Ancients to keep up the damage.

After you've killed around 10 Draugr, a new threat will fly down to make matters worse - a Wyvern. This annoying beast will scamper around before charging you with a swoop attack you'll need to parry at the last moment to send it toppling over, and then unleash as many Runic Attacks as you can on it before it gets back up.

It can also use Bifrost attacks on you, making things a lot worse to deal with as you're constantly on the move, so make sure to interrupt it whenever possible with your attacks and your companion's Runic Summons. If you have any rage stored up, use it to cleanse the Bifrost as quick as you can. Don't worry about any remaining Draugr outside the ring until after the Wyvern has been dealt with, at which point you can safely mop up any stragglers to complete with challenge.

  • Objective: Defeat the Flame Phantom and the enemies it summons
  • Recommended Level: 7-8

At first glance, this trial is a pretty straightforward one, as you'll be squaring off against a Flame Phantom in the confines of the arena. However, the twist comes when you destroy the Springs necessary for weakening the primordial beast, as they will each summon a group of enemies to attack you.

Given the nature of the fight, you can usually stick with the gear that you are the most familiar with, though equipping the Rond of Purification can be handy if the Flame Phantom ignites you with its attacks, as is the Elemental Evasion Enchantment. If you find yourself running into trouble, you may also benefit from extra healing sources, such as the Raven's Tears Armor or similar gear to survive this prolonged fight, and wide-sweeping area of effect Runic Attacks to quickly mow down the minions that are summoned to the fight.

The battle will start easily enough, and you should know how to deal with Phantoms by now. Still, it's better to fight cautiously then run headlong into its attacks, as you'll eventually have more enemies to contend with. Be ready to dodge to the side twice when it slams down, dodge away when it expands above you, or parry when it sweeps around, and only then retaliate with big Runic Attacks to try and stun it.

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Press the attack any time you see it fully staggered, but back off the moment it reforms or you'll risk getting burned as it ignites the ground. Once you've dealt enough damage, it will retreat while you must destroy three Springs to fully weaken it, but this is where the twist comes in.


Each of the three Springs will summon specific enemies once destroyed. The enemies themselves aren't always a huge issue - but the bigger threat is when the Flame Phantom returns to harass you while dealing with the new enemies. Things can quickly get overwhelming if you get pinned into a corner, so taking out these threats as fast as possible is extremely important. It's also important to tackle them in a specific order - or rather, leave a specific Spring for last, as the Flame Phantom will not return when you attack the third Spring until the summoned enemy is defeated (as it will be defenseless at that point).

Given that knowledge, your first target should be the Spring in the lower southwest corner of the arena. Destroying this Spring will trigger a group of Raider Scouts and a Raider Chief to appear.

Waste no time in swapping to your Blades of Chaos to sweep the scouts up, and then rope the Chieftain in with wide hitting Runic Attacks and try to quickly fill his stun meter before the Flame Phantom returns.

When it does, quickly back off and let the Raider Chief come to you, while staying mobile to avoid the Phantom's lava tremors and long range attacks. Attack the Chief quickly but carefully being ready to get evasive at any time, until you can finish him off and return your attention to the Phantom.

The second spring to tackle is located on a ledge in the middle south, and will summon a small horde of Draugr.

Charge up your Leviathan Axe's permafrost, and drive into them the moment they drop down to keep them off-balance and smashing into the walls. If you can, follow this up with more Runic Attacks to stun them quickly and demolish them - but the moment the Flame Phantom appears, beat a retreat back to the center, or you can easily become pinned yourself.

Let the last spring you destroy be in the northeast, as it summons the toughest foe that you don't want the Phantom to be around for - a Flame Gradungr.

With limited health at this point, you'll want to be extremely careful attacking this wild beast, and use ranged attacks when possible to weaken and build its stun meter before finding an opening to get close and let off any remaining Runic Attacks. When it starts to thrash about and emit fire, back off and continue tossing projectiles, and watch out for its nasty charge attack.


If you have the right gear, find a good point to trigger a Realm Shift before pressing the attack to quickly rack up damage before it can respond, and then finish it off.

Once the Flame Phantom returns a final time, it will only need a few hits in its unprotected state before you can stun grab the creature and squash it to complete this challenge.

  • Objective: Defeat 5 Mini Bosses in a series of fights
  • Recommended Level: 8

Due to the extreme grueling and challenging nature of this fight, it's highly recommended you be as high power level as possible before attempting this trial. Even though you've faced these mini-bosses before, having to fight them one after the other with little in the way of health restoration can be extremely tough. You'll want to upgrade your weapons as much as you can, and equip a good mix of offensive or defensive armor, Don't focus as much on gear that enhances things like stun grabs or health stones, as they'll be in short supply - but you can try using the Raven's Tears Armor to get Health Mist during the fight. If you have a lot of Vitality, consider grabbing the health regen Enchantments gained from killing Drakes in Vanaheim. Thankfully, unlike Berserkers, these enemies won't gain Runic Armor, so can equip longer staggering Runic Attacks to chain together as needed.

When the fight begins, you'll find that the arena has been shortened to a smaller circle, which will limit your ability to disengage and get distance from your foes, so be careful. The first enemy is a level 7 Traveler, who will charge out of the rift and begin a sweep attack.

As far as bosses go, this one should be easy enough to deal with once you have enough practice. He'll usually only swap between an unblockable overhead strike, and a staggering sweeping strike from either side. With a bit of timing, and the Radiance Armor, you can reliably dodge each of these attacks and counter with several combo swings and a Runic Attack before getting ready to dodge the next strike.

Pace yourself on this first fight, as you'll want to take as little damage as possible in this first encounter, so be sure to always leave room to back off and dodge his slow incoming attacks before resuming your offensive. Once his armor breaks off, have your companion fill him with arrows to raise his stun meter so you can get off a quick stun finisher.

Back up from the rift, as your next opponent will charge straight out with a staggering attack. This Fierce Stalker may or may not be easier to deal with than the ranged variant, but should be approached cautiously regardless. Try to parry the opening charge to get in some good damage and follow up with a Runic Attack, then back off to wait for her next move.

She will often go for a series of wide swings with her spear that need to be parried one at a time before you can counter back - if you get too greedy she'll pierce your counter attacks, and you still want to be taking as little damage as possible this early on. Get out of the way of her unblockable frontal attacks, and don't linger near her backside.


Instead try to flank from the sides and use Runic Attacks to keep her staggered, and extend it by triggering Realm Shift if you have gear of the Nine Realms or the Hilt of Hofud.

When she falls, a Dark Elf Lord will come out next - one of the more annoying fights in God of War. It may be hard, but resist the temptation to charge in, or the Dark Elf will easily punish you with its blinding explosives he tries to plant everywhere on the ground before jumping away from you.

You've got time on your side, and retaining your health is far more important - so let him flutter about while you throw your Leviathan Axe or Draupnir Spear at him from range, charging up their power before tossing to deal more damage, and peppering him with arrows from your companion.

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Once you goad him into making the strike into melee range, either dodge back from his unblockable spear slams or parry the wide swings, then quickly follow up with a few hits or Runic Attack and then immediately back off! Prolonging your assault will almost always lead to him leaving blinding mines on the ground for you to step into, so don't give him the satisfaction.

Retreat again and let him charge you - dodge to the side for the unblockable strike, and be ready to parry the follow up charge to pay him back in kind, and keep up the careful counter attacks until he drops.

As soon as the Dark Elf Lord is down, pivot to the new rift and hold down your shield, as the Light Elf Slayer will zoom out to slice at you with very little warning. Similar to the Dark Elf, this foe can be extremely annoying and damaging if you try to press the attack too long, as he can quickly counter in very fast ways that are hard to keep track of.

Back off once you've struck at the Light Elf a few times and wait to see their move - if they prepare a projectiles, dodge to the side of parry if able, and if they plant their swords down behind them, immediately pull out your shield to block the fast incoming combo, then fire back with a Runic Attack - and keep them off-balance by Realm Shifting if you can to maximize damage.

It may take longer than it should, but fighting carefully is the best way to win this battle. Keep a little distance between attacks to give yourself time to see what they do next, and if they kneel down to heal, rush in and shield strike them, and follow up with heavy hits before they can get on balance again to finish the job.


The final fight is against your old friend, the Einherjar Captain, who will often charge out of the rift with little warning for an overhead strike. He's a very deadly foe that can quickly finish you off if he gets in a few strong strikes, so be ready to react by dodging away from bifrost explosions or his whirling spin attacks.

Make sure he's completely done with his current attack before you retaliate, and as soon as you find an opening to get around his defenses or shield strike an incoming move, blow all of your Runic Attacks on each weapon in tandem to press the offensive before he can queue up his next move, and make sure your companion is continually firing Sonic Arrows to knock him off balance so you can finish the trial with a swift stun grab finisher!

Once you've completed the challenges, you can feel free to replay them as many times as you want for extra Hacksilver, experience, and resources to finish upgrading any other gear you need!

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How to activate final crucible challenge God of War Ragnarok? ›

Once you've completed the initial six The Crucible challenges in the The Crucible Favour, and opened the Nornir Chest with the Chaos Flame inside, you'll immediately begin The Final Challenges.

What is the hardest crucible challenge God of War Ragnarok? ›

Onslaught Challenge (N + R)

Perhaps the very hardest of the Muspelheim Trials in God of War Ragnarok, the Onslaught Challenge requires players to survive in a static ring of fire for five minutes as constant waves of enemies spawn in.

How to complete the trials of Muspelheim God of War Ragnarok? ›

Basically, stay alive by quickly killing 22 enemies. There's no real strategy to this trial other than to be quick and aggressive. Make use of heavy runic attacks to dole out damage quickly to multiple enemies at once.

What is the easiest final crucible challenge? ›

Here are six challenges you need to complete as part of The Crucible Favor: Weapon Mastery (Arena F): Kill 16 enemies within three minutes. This is the easiest challenge by far and just tests your ability to use Kratos' weapons against different foes.

Can you miss quests in God of War Ragnarok? ›

There are no missable quests in God of War Ragnarok, so the player can backtrack during the post-game to complete them all if they wish.

How do you get Kratos to level 9? ›

The level cap in God of War Ragnarok is level 9 - this applies to weapons, armour, and Kratos. To upgrade gear to a higher level, look for it in the crafting menu at one of the forges. Then, press the right and left triggers to advance through the upgrade tiers.

Which armor is best in God of War? ›

The Steinbjörn armor set is one of the best in the game, and definitely worth the time commitment needed to round up its pieces. By far, the go-to piece is the chest armor, as it grants a ton of defense and a skill that lets you restore health by dealing damage.

Does difficulty affect Ragnarok? ›

Please note that difficulty does not impede your ability to earn Trophies, and you can earn the Platinum Trophy on the lowest difficulty setting. Refer to our God of War Ragnarok Trophy guide for more information.

What is the easiest God of War Ragnarok? ›

Harđrefill is definitely the easiest of the Berserker boss battles. If players haven't sought them out on their own yet, this will likely be the first Berserker boss they stumbled upon. Harđrefill doesn't have anything that's difficult to read, and most of his attacks can be parried easily.

What is the best armor for Muspelheim trials? ›

Instead, we recommend the Armor of Radiance that can enable Realm Shifts on dodging to slow time and let you escape danger or get in a good counter attack. To start, you'll face off against a few Nightmares and Seidr at range.

What level should I be to do Muspelheim Ragnarok? ›

A new sets of trials now awaits you, but expect them to be incredibly difficult - so much that we recommend coming back when your power level has reached at least Level 7 before attempting them.

What happens if you complete all Muspelheim trials? ›

By finishing all six final trials, you'll assemble Surtr's Scorched Armor Set and collect a trio of Muspelheim amulet enchantments.

How do you beat the last challenge in Muspelheim? ›

You'll have to defeat a Fire Phantom while also disposing of a wave of weak enemies that show up partway through. Evasiveness is the name of the game here. The Fire Phantom deals extreme damage, though using the Draupnir Spear to gain Burn Resistance can help out for short bursts of time.

How do you beat the last sister of fate in God of War 2? ›

Try to keep distance between you two and use the full range of your quick SQUARE combos to hit her. A good strategy is to keep on one side of the platform and position Lahkesis on the other as it gives you maximum chance of getting the parry timed right.

How many crucible challenges are there in God of War? ›

There are a total of 15 challenges to complete, six difficult challenges that are a true test of your combat prowess and stamina, and nine short trials in smaller areas.


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